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Homes Zoned for Grassland Middle School
113 Available
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no photo237 Boxwood Dr
River Rest Sec 1, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2079sf
no photo906 Idlewild Ct
Fieldstone Farms Sec K-2, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1487sf
no photo9039 Tarrington Ln
Fieldstone Farms Sec Y, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1611sf
no photo177 Crestfield Pl
Fieldstone Farms Sec J, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2129sf
no photo310 Devonshire Dr
Founders Pointe Sec 3, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2096sf
no photo1012 Walton Rd
Hillsboro Acres, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1755sf
no photo1108 Brookside Dr
Hillsboro Acres, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2034sf
no photo5043 Penbrook Dr
Fieldstone Farms Sec H-3, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2386sf
no photo420 Crofton Park Ln
Fieldstone Farms_Parks, Franklin
3BR/3BA/0HB - 2614sf
no photo704 Mockingbird Dr
Cottonwood Est, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2539sf
no photo3650 New Highway 96 W
Settlers Point, Franklin
3BR/3BA/0HB - 2398sf
no photo1809 Blue Springs Ct
River Rest Est Sec 2, Franklin
5BR/3BA/0HB - 2969sf
no photo265 Stanley Park Ln
Fieldstone Farms Sec R-1, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3171sf
no photo127 Carphilly Cir
Fieldstone Farms Sec Aa, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 3390sf
no photo205 Heather Dr
Cottonwood Est, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 2805sf
no photo137 Bromley Park Ln
Fieldstone Farms Sec Q-1, Franklin
5BR/4BA/0HB - 3160sf
no photo505 Dunwoody Ct
Dunwoody Commons Sec 1, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3183sf
no photo1038 Carlisle Ln
Cardel Village, Franklin
5BR/3BA/1HB - 3268sf
no photo165 Cornerstone Cir
Cornerstone, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3365sf
no photo205 Bexley Park Dr
Fieldstone Farms Sec Aa, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3033sf
no photo422 Sims Ln
Fieldstone Farms, Franklin
4BR/2BA/2HB - 3807sf
no photo2070 Hunterwood Dr
Hunterwood Sec 3-A, Brentwood
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3720sf
no photo3042 Blossom Trail Ln
Blossom Park, Franklin
4BR/4BA/1HB - 3400sf
no photo1042 Carlisle Ln
Cardel Village, Franklin
4BR/4BA/2HB - 4363sf
no photo4108 New Highway 96 W
NA, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2466sf
no photo284 Gillette Drive
River Landing Sec 10, Franklin
5BR/4BA/0HB - 4161sf
no photo107 N Berwick Ln
Temple Hills Sec 4, Franklin
4BR/4BA/1HB - 4272sf
no photo808 Breckston Ln
Breckston Park Sec 1, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4654sf
no photo152 Timberline Dr
Timberline Sec 4, Franklin
5BR/4BA/0HB - 4686sf
no photo111 Lucas Ln
Hunterwood Sec 3-C, Brentwood
4BR/2BA/2HB - 3785sf
no photo720 Amberwood Place
Breckston Park, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4415sf
no photo2717 Rock Wall Rd
Horseshoe Bend Ph 2-A, Nashville
4BR/3BA/2HB - 4375sf
no photo1017 Cobbler Ct
Horseshoe Bend Ph 3-A, Nashville
5BR/4BA/0HB - 4600sf
no photo272 Gillette Dr
River Landing Sec 10, Franklin
5BR/5BA/2HB - 5774sf
no photo1024 Stockett Dr
Stockett Creek, Nashville
4BR/4BA/2HB - 4359sf
no photo6649 Hastings Ln
Reserve at Temple Hills, Franklin
4BR/4BA/0HB - 4091sf
no photo4131 New Highway 96 W
None, Franklin
3BR/5BA/0HB - 4174sf
no photo1052 Barrel Springs Hollow Rd
Forest Home Farms Sec 1, Franklin
5BR/4BA/1HB - 5114sf
no photo116 Century Oak Dr
Highgate Sec 2, Franklin
5BR/3BA/1HB - 5808sf
no photo1085 Stockett Dr
Stockett Creek Sec 3, Franklin
4BR/4BA/1HB - 5283sf
no photo428 Sandcastle Rd
Temple Hills The Links, Franklin
5BR/6BA/1HB - 7029sf
no photo640 Legends Crest Dr
Legends Ridge, Franklin
6BR/4BA/1HB - 6480sf
no photo1011 Barrel Springs Hollow Rd
Forest Home Farms, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3644sf
no photo2328 Foxhaven Dr
Sneed Forest, Franklin
5BR/4BA/1HB - 4861sf
no photo6685 Hastings Ln
Temple Hills Country Club Estates Sec16c, Franklin
6BR/5BA/1HB - 6731sf
no photo108 Alpine Ct
Echo Park, Franklin
5BR/4BA/1HB - 5642sf
no photo1000 Perkins Ln
Montpier Farms Sec 6, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3965sf
no photo360 Vaughn Rd
11 acres, Nashville
2BR/2BA/0HB - 2294sf
no photo2198 Hartland Rd
Harts Landmark, Franklin
7BR/5BA/0HB - 6038sf
no photo105 Patricia Lee Ct
Carolina Close, Franklin
5BR/5BA/2HB - 5583sf
no photo3751 Old Charlotte Pike
Hyde Justice Farm, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4980sf
no photo2492 Old Natchez Trce
N/a, Franklin
5BR/5BA/1HB - 5034sf
no photo812 Legends Glen Ct
Legends Ridge Sec 1, Franklin
5BR/4BA/1HB - 7548sf
no photo1191 Waterstone Blvd
Laurelbrooke Sec 13, Franklin
6BR/6BA/3HB - 9001sf
no photo107 Steeplechase Ln
Steeplechase Farms Sec 2, Nashville
4BR/4BA/3HB - 6455sf
no photo1077 Stockett Dr
Stockett Creek Sec 3, Nashville
4BR/4BA/1HB - 6488sf
no photo384 Lake Valley Dr
Legends Ridge Sec 4-A, Franklin
4BR/4BA/2HB - 7241sf
no photo1637 Whispering Hills Dr
Laurelbrooke Sec 12-B, Franklin
5BR/5BA/2HB - 9512sf
no photo109 Treemont Ln
Treemont, Franklin
4BR/4BA/2HB - 6519sf
no photo1120 Natchez Valley Ln
Natchez Valley Ph 2, Franklin
6BR/4BA/2HB - 8351sf
no photo910 Sunset Ridge Dr
Legends Ridge, Franklin
6BR/6BA/2HB - 6668sf
no photo514 Legends Ridge Ct
Legends Ridge Sec 7-A, Franklin
6BR/6BA/1HB - 8423sf
no photo2536 Old Natchez Trace
Old Natchez Trace, Franklin
5BR/4BA/1HB - 7069sf
no photo106 Treemont Ln
Treemont, Franklin
6BR/6BA/2HB - 10313sf
no photo4212 Two Rivers Ln
Two Rivers, Franklin
5BR/6BA/1HB - 8611sf
no photo2876 Sawyer Bend Rd
None, Franklin
5BR/5BA/2HB - 7744sf
no photo904 Hamilton Branch Ln
Farm, Franklin
4BR/4BA/3HB - 6641sf
no photo2211 Old Natchez Trce
Damico, Franklin
7BR/7BA/2HB - 11894sf
no photo2423 Hidden River Lane
Hidden River, Franklin
6BR/8BA/5HB - 22743sf
no photo2407 Hidden River Ln
Hidden River, Franklin
5BR/5BA/4HB - 19561sf
no photo1711 Old Hillsboro Rd
Franklin, Franklin
5BR/4BA/2HB - 8517sf
no photo672 Legends Crest Dr
Legends Ridge Sec 6, Franklin
5BR/4BA/2HB - 9427sf
$3,900,000 - COMING SOON!
no photo1024 Vaughn Crest Dr
Laurelbrooke Sec 11-A, Franklin
6BR/5BA/3HB - 7693sf
$4,750,000 - COMING SOON!
no photo1715 Talbot Trl
Laurelbrooke Sec 11-A, Franklin
6BR/7BA/2HB - 9342sf
$6,125,000 - COMING SOON!
no photo2014 Old Hillsboro Rd
NONE, Franklin
6BR/6BA/3HB - 8826sf
$23,250,000 - COMING SOON!
no photo223 Winter Hill Rd
Fieldstone Farms Sec B, Franklin
5BR/3BA/1HB - 4604sf
$774,999 - Under Contract
no photo1159 Dora Whitley Rd
Funk John Ronda, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2250sf
$799,000 - Under Contract
no photo609 Sherbourne Grn
Temple Hills Sec 11, Franklin
3BR/3BA/1HB - 3084sf
$839,900 - Under Contract
no photo609 Hampden Ct
Temple Hills Sec 12, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4758sf
$899,000 - Under Contract
no photo307 Cypress Ct
Cottonwood Est, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3010sf
$989,900 - Under Contract
no photo903 Park Ln
Horseshoe Bend Ph 2-A, Nashville
4BR/2BA/1HB - 3294sf
$1,050,000 - Under Contract
no photo901 N Meadow Ln
Horseshoe Bend Ph 1, Nashville
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2904sf
$1,125,000 - Under Contract
no photo215 Winburn Ln
River Landing Sec 1, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3891sf
$1,299,000 - Under Contract
no photo217 Gillette Dr
River Landing Sec 6, Franklin
6BR/4BA/1HB - 5891sf
$1,649,900 - Under Contract
no photo241 Spencer Creek Rd
Monticello Sec 5-C, Franklin
5BR/4BA/1HB - 5235sf
$2,199,999 - Under Contract
no photo1407 Amesbury Ln
Preserve @ Echo Estates Sec2, Franklin
5BR/6BA/1HB - 6436sf
$3,900,000 - Under Contract
no photo64 Anston Park
Prescott Place Lot 0064 Subd Fieldstone Farms Sec, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1628sf
$525,000 - Under Contract
no photo1028 Glastonbury Dr
Fieldstone Farms Sec F-1, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2015sf
$610,000 - Under Contract
no photo136 Cavalcade Dr
Fieldstone Farms Sec M, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1701sf
$614,990 - Under Contract
no photo1032 Glastonbury Dr
Fieldstone Farms Sec F-1, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2268sf
$690,000 - Under Contract
no photo372 Cannonade Cir
Fieldstone Farms Sec L, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2620sf
$745,900 - Under Contract
no photo2417 Manderly Trl
Fieldstone Farms Sec D-4, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2486sf
$749,900 - Under Contract
no photo720 Shadowlawn Ct
Fieldstone Farms Sec N, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2620sf
$798,900 - Under Contract
no photo261 Saint Andrews Dr
Temple Hills Sec 10, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2975sf
$820,000 - Under Contract
no photo309 Saint Andrews Dr
Temple Hills Sec 10-A, Franklin
5BR/5BA/1HB - 4332sf
$875,000 - Under Contract
Sale of Home Contingency
no photo109 Collinwood Close
Temple Hills Sec 8, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 2845sf
$899,000 - Under Contract
no photo205 Heathstone Cir
Fieldstone Farms Sec T, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 3347sf
$959,000 - Under Contract
no photo600 Crofton Park Ln
Fieldstone Farms Sec Q-1, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3484sf
$974,500 - Under Contract
no photo121 Cottonwood Dr
Cottonwood Est, Franklin
5BR/4BA/0HB - 3414sf
$979,500 - Under Contract
no photo3670 New Highway 96 W
Settlers Point, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2952sf
$995,000 - Under Contract
Sale of Home Contingency
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