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Homes Zoned for Hillsboro Comp High School
603 Available
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4031 Lealand Lane
Green Hills / Lipscomb, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 2307sf
no photo1502 16Th Ave N
D T McGavock & Others, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 1211sf
no photo416 Bowling Ave
Bellwood Terrace, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 919sf
no photo7529 Old Harding Pike
Harpeth Woods, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1124sf
$269,000 - Under Contract
no photo2256 Edge O Lake Dr
Chelsea Village, Antioch
5BR/4BA/0HB - 3520sf
no photo659 Bristol Creek Dr
Bristol Creek, Nashville
2BR/2BA/1HB - 1130sf
no photo3819 Lookout Dr
Valley View, Nashville
4BR/2BA/0HB - 1356sf
no photo268 38Th Ave N
Sylvan Heights, Nashville
2BR/1BA/1HB - 900sf
no photo2817 Hazelwood Dr
Hazelwood Heath, Nashville
2BR/1BA/1HB - 1152sf
no photo1600 Knowles St
Underwood, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1541sf
no photo1042 General George Patton Rd
River Plantation, Nashville
4BR/3BA/0HB - 1968sf
no photo2304 Sharondale Dr
Green Hills, Nashville
2BR/2BA/1HB - 1360sf
no photo106 A 38Th Ave N
Sylvan Park, Nashville
2BR/1BA/1HB - 1116sf
no photo336 Chamberlin St
Sylvan Heights, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 700sf
no photo2717 Sharondale Ct
Hillsboro Circle, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 1114sf
$324,900 - Under Contract
no photo6400 Highway 100
Highlands Of Belle Meade, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 2053sf
no photo1811 15Th Ave N
Menees, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1623sf
no photo405 Normandy Cir
Normandy Place/Sylvan Park, Nashville
2BR/2BA/1HB - 1422sf
no photo368 Normandy Cir
Normandy Place, Nashville
2BR/2BA/1HB - 1460sf
no photo1211 Tremont Ave
Boyd/Ament, Nashville
3BR/1BA/0HB - 1064sf
no photo3917 Westmont Ave
Westhurst, Nashville
2BR/2BA/1HB - 1488sf
$350,000 - Under Contract
no photo3314 Nevada Ave
Hortense Place, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 916sf
no photo4110 Rockdale Ave
College Park, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 901sf
no photo217 Chamberlin St
Plummer Place, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1268sf
no photo144 39Th Ave N
Sylvan Park, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 1150sf
no photo305 50Th Ave N
Sylvan Park, Nashville
2BR/1BA/1HB - 1032sf
$369,000 - Under Contract
no photo2944 Primrose Cir
Belmont Terrace Annex, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1530sf
no photo101 48th Ave.
Sylvan Park, Nashville
3BR/1BA/0HB - 1462sf
no photo3625 Valley Vista Rd
Bellwood, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 1045sf
no photo2808 Westwood Ave
Hillsboro West End/Vandy, Nashville
3BR/1BA/0HB - 1462sf
no photo1005 Percy Warner Blvd
Warner Park Valley, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2700sf
$389,900 - Under Contract
no photo4605 Elkins Ave
Sylvan Park, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1457sf
no photo129 Gale Park Ln
Gale Park , Nashville
2BR/2BA/1HB - 1404sf
no photo747 Alloway St
Alloways/Horton, Nashville
3BR/1BA/0HB - 1026sf
no photo1005 Glendale Ln
Glendale Villas, Nashville
2BR/1BA/1HB - 1376sf
no photo4604 Idaho Ave
Sylvan Park, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 1573sf
no photo825 S Douglas Ave
Waverly Place Ii Townhomes, Nashville
2BR/2BA/1HB - 1420sf
no photo7524 Old Harding Pike
River Plantation, Nashville
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2207sf
no photo868 Battery Ln
Oak Hill, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1660sf
$410,000 - Under Contract
no photo966 Draughon Ave
3BR/1BA/0HB - 1002sf
$410,000 - Under Contract
no photo4708 Colorado Ave
Sylvan Park, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 974sf
no photo955 Draughon Ave.
Marengo Park Woodmont, Nashville,
4BR/2BA/0HB - 1591sf
$419,900 - Under Contract
no photo4501 Dakota Ave
Charlotte Park, Nashville
3BR/1BA/0HB - 1554sf
no photo424 Alden Ct
Brookside Courts, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1444sf
no photo3403 Dakota Ave
Sylvan Heights, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1406sf
no photo1211 14th Ave S
Belmont / Edgehill, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1209sf
no photo1803 Beech Ave
Waverly Place, Nashville
3BR/1BA/0HB - 1371sf
no photo405 McAdoo Ave
Sylvan Park/West End, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1552sf
no photo1003 Maplehurst Ln
Green Hills/ Lipscomb, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1326sf
no photo5105 Nevada Ave
Sylvan Park, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1303sf
no photo4306 Scenic Dr
Glendale Park, Nashville
4BR/2BA/0HB - 1580sf
no photo2219 10Th Ave S
12th South/Waverly, Nashville
4BR/2BA/0HB - 2936sf
$470,873 - Under Contract
no photo534 Acklen Park Dr
Acklen @ Murphy, Nashville
3BR/3BA/0HB - 1762sf
no photo1105 Brookmeade Dr
Duncanwood, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1640sf
no photo620 Chesterfield Way
The Chesterfield, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 1745sf
no photo4026 Woodmont Blvd
4026 Woodmont, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2549sf
no photo1011 S Douglas Ave
12 South, Nashville
3BR/1BA/1HB - 1898sf
no photo605 Centerpoint Ln
Sylvan / Richland Station, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 1887sf
no photo3731 Granny White Pike
Maplehurst, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1432sf
no photo3618 Doge Pl
Leawell, Nashville
2BR/1BA/1HB - 1323sf
no photo2028 10th Ave S.
W L B Lawrence, Nashville
3BR/1BA/0HB - 1125sf
no photo1846 Primrose Avenue
Belmont , Nashville
4BR/2BA/0HB - 1841sf
no photo945 Woodmont Blvd
Yearwood, Nashville
2BR/1BA/1HB - 1335sf
no photo4620 Skymont Dr
Tynewood Estates, Nashville
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2578sf
no photo303 32Nd Ave S
Bransford Realty West End , Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2053sf
no photo711 Chesterfield Way
The Chesterfield, Nashville
4BR/4BA/0HB - 2068sf
no photo818 Melpark Ct
Melpark Townhomes, Nashville
3BR/3BA/0HB - 1805sf
no photo3507 Wilbur
Green Hills/Lipscomb, Nashville
3BR/1BA/1HB - 2230sf
no photo410 Greenway Ave
Richld/Central/SylvanPrk, Nashville
4BR/2BA/0HB - 2220sf
no photo2905 W Linden Ave
Belair, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1416sf
no photo1210 Clayton Ave
12th South, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1411sf
$499,900 - Under Contract
no photo1041 14Th Ave S
Edgehill Estates, Nashville
3BR/1BA/0HB - 1020sf
no photo1505 Harding Pl
Seven Hills, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2276sf
no photo2802 W Linden Ave
Hillsboro Village, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 1261sf
$505,000 - Under Contract
no photo204 Burns Ave Apt 9
West Park Village, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 1953sf
no photo3316 Acklen Ave
Love Circle, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1471sf
$515,000 - Under Contract
no photo2235 Blair Blvd
Vandy,Belmont,Hillsboro Vi, Nashville
3BR/1BA/1HB - 1559sf
no photo1707 14th Ave S
Edgehill Townhomes, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 2610sf
no photo1907 Richard Jones Rd
Green Hills, Nashville
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2661sf
$520,000 - Under Contract
no photo910 Tower Pl
Glendale Park, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2138sf
no photo4031 Lealand Lane
Green Hills / Lipscomb, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 2307sf
no photo1212 Dallas Ave
Victoria Place, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1424sf
no photo1503 Clayton Ave
Compton Land, Nashville
4BR/1BA/0HB - 2008sf
no photo1023 Davidson Rd
Crest Meade, Nashville
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2008sf
$534,900 - Under Contract
no photo104 Gilman Ave
Belle Meade Highlands, Nashville
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2468sf
no photo3509 Woodmont Ln
Green Hills, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2010sf
no photo3507 Wrenwood Dr
Sylvan Park, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2323sf
no photo950 Forest Acres Ct
Forest Acres, Nashville
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2798sf
no photo1719 14th Ave
Edgehill/Belmont, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 2237sf
no photo1008 St Andrews Pl
St Andrews Place, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1907sf
$549,000 - Under Contract
no photo1105 Lipscomb Dr
Lea Gran Estates, Nashville
3BR/1BA/0HB - 1350sf
no photo4408 Soper Ave
Oak Hill, Nashville
5BR/2BA/1HB - 2169sf
no photo501 Glen Echo Pl
Glen Echo Hall, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2369sf
no photo2404 Sunset Pl
Linden Place, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 1100sf
no photo172 Woodmont Blvd
The Mews On Woodmont, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 3092sf
$550,000 - Under Contract
no photo172 Woodmont Blvd
The Mews On Woodmont, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2735sf
$550,000 - Under Contract
no photo920 Archer St
Gulch Heights, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1065sf
no photo1714 Temple Ave
Green Hills, Nashville
2BR/1BA/1HB - 1873sf
no photo1708 Primrose Ave
Belmont Terrace, Nashville
4BR/2BA/0HB - 2183sf
no photo411 Theresa Ave
West End Park Terrace, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 2394sf
no photo411 Theresa Ave
West End Park Terrace, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 2394sf
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