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Homes Zoned for Hillsboro Comp High School
547 Available
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no photo311 Summit Ridge Cir
Four Seasons, Nashville
2BR/2BA/0HB - 963sf
no photo2120 Belmont Blvd, Unit C1
Albemarle, Nashville
1BR/1BA/0HB - 571sf
no photo1020 Summerview Ct
Somerset Farms, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1908sf
no photo2834 Westwood Ave
Westbrooke, Nashville
2BR/1BA/1HB - 1270sf
no photo730 Old Hickory Blvd, Unit 205
730 Boulevard West, Nashville
2BR/2BA/1HB - 1484sf
no photo730 Old Hickory Blvd, Unit 219
730 Boulevard West, Nashville
2BR/2BA/1HB - 1484sf
no photo301 Ashlawn Ct
Villages of Ashlawn, Nashville
2BR/2BA/0HB - 1343sf
no photo7341 Charlotte Pike, Unit 105 A
Charlotte Row Townhomes, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 2005sf
no photo105 Hampton Pl
Hampton Place, Nashville
2BR/2BA/1HB - 1574sf
no photo2514 Ashwood Ave
2BR/1BA/0HB - 1169sf
no photo140 Gale Park Lane, Unit 36
Gale Park Condominiums, Nashville
3BR/3BA/0HB - 1658sf
no photo300 Artisan Ln
Gale Park Single-Family Homes Condominiums, Nashville
3BR/3BA/0HB - 1620sf
no photo5660 Oakes Dr
Highlands Of Brentwood, Brentwood
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1772sf
no photo2209 Lindell Ave
Yarbrough/Woodland, Nashville
2BR/2BA/0HB - 1428sf
no photo301 37th Ave N
Shield West Nashville, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1624sf
no photo2016 A Beech Ave
12South/8th Ave, Nashville
3BR/3BA/0HB - 1699sf
no photo111 Glendower Ct
Glendower, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2374sf
no photo3803 Dartmouth Ave
Woodmont Lane Homesites, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 1251sf
no photo900 Bradford Ave
Waldkirch/Lawrence, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2030sf
no photo817 Horner Ave
Kirkwood Heights, Nashville
3BR/1BA/1HB - 1421sf
no photo407 A Saint Francis Ave
Happy Cottages At 407 St Francis Ave, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2220sf
no photo4125 Lealand Ln
St Andrews Place, Nashville
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2291sf
no photo2312 Elliston Pl, Unit 210
Elliston 23, Nashville
2BR/2BA/0HB - 1219sf
no photo172 A Woodmont Blvd, Unit A
The Mews On Woodmont, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2852sf
no photo2405 10th Ave S
Waverly/Belmont, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 1088sf
no photo1736 Hillmont Dr
Hillmont Drive, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2240sf
no photo409 McAdoo Ave
West End Park Terrace, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 2301sf
no photo2958 Primrose Cir
Belmont Terrace Annex, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1403sf
no photo214 38th Ave N
West Grove, Nashville
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2758sf
no photo301 Windemere Woods Dr
Windemere, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2451sf
no photo721 Sweet Cherry Ct
Village Of Cherry Glen, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 2450sf
no photo807 Redwood Dr
Oakhill, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 2949sf
no photo2510 White Ave
George Waddey/Westwood, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 1000sf
no photo309 33rd Ave N
33rd Ave Townhomes, Nashville
3BR/2BA/2HB - 3264sf
no photo414 Westboro Dr, Unit A
Charlotte Park, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2265sf
no photo4102 A Oriole Pl
Green Hills, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 3504sf
no photo5611 Franklin Pike, Unit 105
Brentley Lofts, Brentwood
2BR/2BA/1HB - 1446sf
no photo2726 Acklen Ave
Hillsboro West-End, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2620sf
no photo85 Lincoln Ct
Courts of Belle Meade, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2512sf
no photo1000 Acklen Ave
Harris & Eve/Jones & Dudley, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1832sf
no photo2021 Beech Ave, Unit 9
Melrose | 12S, Nashville
4BR/5BA/0HB - 2308sf
no photo2500 White Ave
Homes At 2500 White Avenue, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 2625sf
no photo2500 White Ave
Homes At 2500 White Avenue, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 2625sf
no photo3808 Elkins Ave
Charlotte Park, Nashville
6BR/3BA/0HB - 3710sf
no photo6511 Highway 100
Cheekwood/West Nashville, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3199sf
no photo3518 Park Ave
Sylvan Heights, Nashville
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2177sf
no photo1108 Woodvale Dr
Green Hills / Lipscomb, Nashville
2BR/1BA/0HB - 1306sf
no photo1000 A Woodmont Blvd
Green Hills, Nashville
4BR/4BA/1HB - 2887sf
no photo1208 Clifton Ln
Belmont 12 South, Nashville
5BR/2BA/0HB - 1908sf
no photo825 Hillview Hts
Lipscomb/Henry Heirs, Nashville
4BR/2BA/0HB - 1913sf
no photo9005 Highway 100
0, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2520sf
no photo766 Alloway St
12South, Belmont, 8th Ave, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3115sf
no photo760 Alloway St
12South, Belmont, 8th Ave, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 2754sf
no photo1021 Woodmont Blvd
Lipscomb / Green HIlls, Nashville
5BR/5BA/0HB - 3366sf
no photo1431 14th Ave S
1429 14th Avenue South Townhomes, Nashville
5BR/3BA/1HB - 3409sf
no photo1024 B Argyle Ave
Homes At 1024 Argyle Avenue, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3148sf
no photo1102 Brookmeade Drive
Duncanwood, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1995sf
no photo1000 B Woodmont Blvd
Edalat Townhomes, Nashville
4BR/4BA/1HB - 3312sf
no photo2401 White Ave
George Waddey/Westwood, Nashville
3BR/1BA/2HB - 1156sf
no photo714 Omandale Dr
Southmeade, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1866sf
no photo4185 Belmont Park Ter
Green Hills, Nashville
4BR/3BA/0HB - 3286sf
no photo1002 A Southside Ave
Gulch View / Gulch South, Nashville
3BR/2BA/2HB - 2600sf
no photo193 Kenner Ave
Kenner Manor, Nashville
3BR/3BA/0HB - 3094sf
no photo4310 A Lone Oak Rd
Green Hills, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2798sf
no photo3623 Wilbur Pl
Cottages At Wilbur Place, Nashville
3BR/3BA/0HB - 2452sf
no photo2132 Old Hickory Blvd
Forest Hills, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2347sf
no photo105 37th Ave N, Unit Unit B
Sylvan Park / Sylvan Heights, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 2634sf
no photo1004 Southside Pl
1004-1006 Southside Place, Nashville
3BR/2BA/2HB - 2509sf
no photo1826 Shackleford Rd
Homes At 1826 Shackleford, Nashville
5BR/4BA/0HB - 2948sf
no photo4415 Alcott Dr
Hycrest Acres, Nashville
5BR/3BA/0HB - 4625sf
no photo1301 Burton Valley Rd
Belmont And Burton Townhomes, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3509sf
no photo903 Knox Ave
12 South, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 2332sf
no photo6112 Pinehurst Dr
Hillsboro Park, Nashville
5BR/3BA/0HB - 3001sf
no photo6315 Chickering Woods Dr
Chickering Woods, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 3100sf
no photo6322 Chickering Woods Dr
Chickering Woods, Nashville
3BR/4BA/1HB - 3247sf
no photo120 Lincoln Ct, Unit B
Courts Of Belle Meade, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3230sf
no photo303 Charlesgate Pl
Burlington, Nashville
4BR/4BA/1HB - 4033sf
no photo5309 Franklin Pike
Oak Hill Estates, Nashville
4BR/4BA/0HB - 3368sf
no photo260 37th Ave N
Hortense Place, Nashville
5BR/4BA/0HB - 3034sf
no photo3513 Richland Ave
Historic Richland West End, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 3056sf
no photo1417 Edgehill Ave
1417 Edgehill Avenue Townhomes, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 2951sf
no photo1114 Sigler St
Maverick Row | Gulch View, Nashville
3BR/3BA/1HB - 2291sf
no photo4407 Charleston Place Cir
Charleston Place, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3647sf
no photo1623 Glen Echo Rd
Glen Echo Cottages, Nashville
5BR/3BA/1HB - 3210sf
no photo118 Wellington Park Ct
Wellington Park, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3448sf
no photo5348 Forest Acres Dr
Oak Hill, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3668sf
no photo821 Clayton Ave
Battlefield Estates, Nashville
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2570sf
no photo4610 Benton Smith Rd
Seven Hills, Nashville
4BR/2BA/1HB - 3077sf
no photo4705 Villa Green Dr
Seven Hills, Nashville
4BR/2BA/0HB - 3000sf
no photo3114 Belwood St
West End Park, Nashville
4BR/2BA/3HB - 3434sf
no photo4107 b Lone Oak Road
Green Hills, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3164sf
no photo218 Harding Pl
Belle Meade Golf Links, Nashville
4BR/2BA/0HB - 2280sf
no photo1014 A 13th Ave S
Edgehill/South Gulch, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3191sf
no photo1203 Saxon Dr
Hillmont Estates, Nashville
6BR/3BA/2HB - 3236sf
no photo4001 Woodmont Blvd
Green Hills, Nashville
4BR/4BA/1HB - 4134sf
no photo1800 B Ashwood Ave
1800 Ashwood Townhomes, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 3428sf
no photo131 Woodmont Blvd, Unit E
Woodmont Close, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4366sf
no photo1013 12th Ave S, Unit D
1013 Gulch View, Nashville
3BR/4BA/0HB - 2208sf
no photo1001 Woodmont Blvd
Green Hills, Nashville
5BR/4BA/1HB - 3995sf
no photo1001 Woodmont Blvd
Green Hills, Nashville
5BR/4BA/1HB - 3959sf
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