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Homes Zoned for Franklin High School
123 Available
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no photo301 Montrose Ct
Fieldstone Farms Sec J, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1124sf
no photo28 Holland Park Ln
Windsor Park Ph 1 @ Ff, Franklin
2BR/2BA/0HB - 1641sf
no photo540 Franklin Rd
0, Franklin
3BR/1BA/0HB - 1155sf
no photo215 Derby Ln
Meadowgreen Acres, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1350sf
no photo304 Montrose Ct
Fieldstone Farms Sec J, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1727sf
no photo710 Wayside Ct
Fieldstone Farms Sec K-2, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1580sf
no photo9015 Tarrington Ln
Fieldstone Farms Sec Y, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1670sf
no photo2035 Glastonbury Dr
Fieldstone Farms Sec H-3, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2173sf
no photo3209 Peyton Ct
Franklin Green Sec 15, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1852sf
no photo2209 Wimbledon Circle
Fieldstone Farms Sec D-4, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2177sf
no photo7017 Penbrook Dr
Fieldstone Farms Sec Y, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1967sf
no photo211 Deer Park Ln
Temple Hills Sec 9, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2473sf
no photo917 Leigh Valley Dr.
Harpeth Hills Sec 2, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2518sf
no photo2000 Wimbledon Cir
Fieldstone Farms Sec D-2, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2329sf
no photo2406 Bethlehem Loop Rd
Grassland, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1873sf
no photo108 Berwick Pl
Rogersshire Sec 5, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2948sf
no photo305 Astor Way
Rogersshire Sec 3, Franklin
5BR/3BA/0HB - 2958sf
no photo179 Clarendon Cir
Fieldstone Farms Sec C, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2614sf
no photo657 Sneed Rd W
Temple Hills Sec 1, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2841sf
no photo217 Baltusrol Rd
Temple Hills Sec 4, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 3099sf
no photo707 Meeting St
Founders Pointe Sec 5, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2692sf
no photo108 Trace End Dr
Trace End Est Sec 2, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3889sf
no photo2015 Heflin Ln
Rizer Point Sec 2, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3813sf
no photo803 Shady Glen Ct
Cottonwood, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2701sf
no photo156 N Berwick Ln
Temple Hills Sec 6-A, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3100sf
no photo113 Trace End Dr
Trace End Est Sec 1, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 3558sf
no photo609 Hampden Ct
Temple Hills Sec 12, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4758sf
no photo807 Shady Glen Ct
Cottonwood Est, Franklin
5BR/3BA/0HB - 3703sf
no photo400 Stafford Close
Fieldstone Farms Sec V, Franklin
5BR/3BA/1HB - 3814sf
no photo2762 Rock Wall Rd
Horseshoe Bend Ph 2-A, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4022sf
no photo1108 Stone Mill Ln
Carlisle Sec 2, Franklin
4BR/4BA/1HB - 4557sf
no photo2912 Spanntown Rd
None, Arrington
4BR/2BA/1HB - 3328sf
no photo2992 Polo Club Rd
Horseshoe Bend Ph 3-A, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3458sf
no photo233 Bramerton Ct
Stonebridge Park Sec 1, Franklin
4BR/4BA/1HB - 3794sf
no photo700 Amberwood Pl
Breckston Park Sec 1, Nashville
4BR/4BA/1HB - 4236sf
no photo902 Briarwood Crst
Horseshoe Bend Ph 1, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3896sf
no photo1504 Hillsboro Rd
none, Franklin
4BR/4BA/0HB - 4105sf
no photo112 Oakland Hills Dr W
Temple Hills Sec 1, Franklin
6BR/4BA/1HB - 4070sf
no photo213 Bellegrove Ct
Laurelbrooke Sec 6, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4265sf
no photo2847 Polo Club Road
Horseshoe Bend Ph 1, Nashville
5BR/5BA/1HB - 5793sf
no photo5188 Waddell Hollow Rd
N/A, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4432sf
no photo1617 Old Hillsboro Rd
Hillsboro Cove LLC, Franklin
3BR/3BA/0HB - 2532sf
no photo2187 Hartland Rd
Harts Landmark, Franklin
5BR/5BA/0HB - 4747sf
no photo6620 Hastings Ln
The Reserve at Temple Hill, Franklin
3BR/3BA/1HB - 3693sf
no photo3045 Jubilee Ridge Rd
Jubilee Ridge, Franklin
5BR/4BA/1HB - 5248sf
no photo2155 Hartland Rd
Harts Landmark, Franklin
4BR/4BA/1HB - 4263sf
no photo334 3rd Ave S
Historic, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3859sf
no photo173 Splendor Ridge Dr (Lot 13)
Splendor Ridge, Franklin
4BR/4BA/1HB - 4313sf
no photo2152 Hartland Rd
Harts Landmark, Franklin
5BR/5BA/2HB - 6229sf
no photo5125 Fire Tower Road
Franklin near Leipers Fork, Franklin
5BR/6BA/1HB - 6667sf
no photo179 Splendor Ridge Dr
Splendor Ridge, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4524sf
no photo107 Splendor Ridge Dr (Lot 2)
Splendor Ridge, Franklin
5BR/4BA/1HB - 4542sf
no photo4013 Ayleworth Lane
Stockett Creek Sec 1, Franklin
5BR/4BA/2HB - 7126sf
no photo360 Vaughn Rd
none, Nashville
2BR/2BA/0HB - 2294sf
no photo897 Cherry Grove Road
Cherry Valley, Franklin
5BR/4BA/2HB - 6020sf
no photo5204 Drury Ln
NA, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2850sf
no photo673 Legends Crest Dr
Legends Ridge, Franklin
5BR/5BA/1HB - 7194sf
no photo1045 Buena Vista Dr
Hillsboro Cove, Franklin
5BR/5BA/2HB - 5391sf
no photo1701 Talbot Trl
Laurelbrooke Sec 11-A #11, Franklin
6BR/8BA/1HB - 8989sf
no photo539 Trace Creek Dr
Trace Creek Heights, Nashville
3BR/4BA/1HB - 5857sf
no photo3013 Boxwood Dr
Sneed Forest Sec 1, Franklin
5BR/3BA/1HB - 8357sf
no photo516 Dunwoody Ct
Dunwoody Commons Sec 1, Franklin
6BR/7BA/1HB - 5421sf
no photo1100 Athena Ct
Hillsboro Cove, Franklin
5BR/5BA/1HB - 5104sf
no photo1501 Amesbury Ln
Preserve @ Echo Estates Se, Franklin
6BR/6BA/2HB - 7851sf
no photo1073 Vaughn Crest Dr
Laurelbrooke Sec 4, Franklin
6BR/6BA/3HB - 10062sf
no photo0 Old Hillsboro rd
Hillsboro Manor, Franklin
5BR/5BA/2HB - 8252sf
no photo1186 Sneed Rd W
30.92 acres, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2266sf
no photo2423 Hidden River Lane
Hidden River, Franklin
6BR/8BA/5HB - 22743sf
no photo404 Meadowgreen Dr
Meadowgreen Acres, Franklin
3BR/1BA/1HB - 1565sf
$575,000 - COMING SOON!
no photo426 Essex Park Cir
Fieldstone Farms Sec G-1, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1975sf
$630,000 - COMING SOON!
no photo102 Collinwood Close
Temple Hills, Franklin
4BR/4BA/0HB - 3034sf
$795,000 - COMING SOON!
no photo2711 Hillsboro Rd
NA, Brentwood
4BR/3BA/0HB - 3827sf
$1,200,000 - COMING SOON!
no photo904 Brink Pl
Magnolia Place, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1104sf
$559,000 - Under Contract
no photo5160 Waddell Hollow Rd
Franklin, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1870sf
$597,500 - Under Contract
no photo1029 Ridgecrest Dr
Hillsboro Acres, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2010sf
$599,000 - Under Contract
no photo1020 Carden Dr
Fieldstone Farms Sec A, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2873sf
$699,900 - Under Contract
no photo1008 Wyndham Hill Ln
Fieldstone Farms Sec B, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2959sf
$785,000 - Under Contract
no photo111 Collinwood Pl
Temple Hills Sec 8, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2086sf
$788,900 - Under Contract
no photo111 Pinehurst Dr
Temple Hills Sec 1, Franklin
3BR/3BA/0HB - 2809sf
$875,000 - Under Contract
no photo1009 Fair St
Historic Hincheyville, Franklin
4BR/1BA/1HB - 1784sf
$875,000 - Under Contract
no photo3010 Jubilee Ridge Rd
Jubilee Ridge, Franklin
3BR/4BA/1HB - 5546sf
$1,250,000 - Under Contract
no photo1092 Stonebridge Park Dr
Stonebridge Park Sec 3, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4367sf
$1,260,000 - Under Contract
no photo3000 Jubilee Ridge Rd
Jubilee Ridge, Franklin
4BR/3BA/2HB - 4541sf
$1,295,000 - Under Contract
no photo959 Yearling Way
Horseshoe Bend Ph 3-A, Nashville
5BR/4BA/1HB - 4208sf
$1,399,900 - Under Contract
no photo917 Yearling Way
Horseshoe Bend Ph 1, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3800sf
$1,400,000 - Under Contract
no photo1119 Harpeth Ridge Rd
Harpeth EST, Franklin
4BR/4BA/1HB - 4793sf
$1,550,000 - Under Contract
no photo5184 Fire Tower Rd
Kay Hunter, Franklin
3BR/3BA/1HB - 2984sf
$1,599,000 - Under Contract
no photo910 Sunset Ridge
Legends Ridge, Franklin
5BR/5BA/4HB - 5812sf
$3,245,000 - Under Contract
no photo101 Deercrest Cir
Temple Hills, Franklin
2BR/2BA/0HB - 1904sf
$450,000 - Under Contract
no photo207 Montrose Ct
Fieldstone Farms, Franklin
2BR/2BA/0HB - 1021sf
$487,500 - Under Contract
no photo72 Cromford Pl
Fieldstone Farms - Prescot, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1379sf
$499,000 - Under Contract
no photo4012 Linden Court
Fieldstone Farms, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2196sf
$599,900 - Under Contract
no photo1757 Berrys Chapel Rd
Berry Chapel Heights, Franklin
3BR/1BA/1HB - 1963sf
$599,900 - Under Contract
no photo102 Gillette Dr
Cottonwood Est, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2339sf
$625,000 - Under Contract
no photo455 Essex Park Cir
Fieldstone Farms Sec G-2, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2080sf
$629,900 - Under Contract
no photo9037 Tarrington Ln
Fieldstone Farms Sec Y, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1657sf
$635,000 - Under Contract
no photo363 Cannonade Cir
Fieldstone Farms Sec L, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2170sf
$649,900 - Under Contract
no photo136 Crestfield Pl
Fieldstone Farms Sec J, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2387sf
$649,900 - Under Contract
no photo103 Collinwood Close
Temple Hills Sec 8, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2374sf
$699,900 - Under Contract
no photo128 Meadowgreen Dr
Meadowgreen Acres, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2998sf
$699,995 - Under Contract
Sale of Home Contingency
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