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Homes Zoned for Franklin High School
113 Available
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no photo702 Granville Rd
Orleans Est Condos, Franklin
1BR/1BA/0HB - 784sf
no photo810 Brandyleigh Ct
Fieldstone Farms Sec K-2, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1575sf
no photo408 Newbary Court
Fieldstone Farms_Trent Par, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1709sf
no photo1013 Brink Pl
Magnolia Place, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1125sf
no photo184 Crestfield Pl
Fieldstone Farms Sec J, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1873sf
no photo828 Rebel Cir
Rebel Meadows Sec 4, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1366sf
no photo1028 Glastonbury Dr
Fieldstone Farms Sec F-1, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1971sf
no photo1026 Glastonbury Dr
Fieldstone Farms Sec F-1, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2180sf
no photo610 New Highway 96 W
Westfield, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1720sf
no photo113 Clapham St
Reid Hill Commons Sec 1, Franklin
2BR/2BA/0HB - 1976sf
no photo103 Alexander Dr
Idlewood, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1831sf
no photo412 Cannonade Cir
Fieldstone Farms Sec L, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2439sf
no photo501 Bancroft Way
Rogersshire, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2310sf
no photo2348 Wimbledon Cir
Fieldstone Farms Sec D-2, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2601sf
no photo132 Watermill Trce
Fieldstone Farms Sec L, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2618sf
no photo108 Winged Foot Dr
Temple Hills Sec 1, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2289sf
no photo5216 Waddell Hollow Rd
N/A, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2696sf
no photo3986 New Highway 96 W
7.8 ACRES, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2619sf
no photo117 Jefferson Dr
Monticello Sec 2, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2505sf
no photo103 Riverwood Dr
Cottonwood Est, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 3187sf
no photo117 Ponder Dr
Fieldstone Farms, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2487sf
no photo3004 Braintree Rd
Farmington West, Franklin
4BR/3BA/2HB - 2928sf
no photo338 3rd Ave S
Historic Downtown Franklin, Franklin
2BR/2BA/0HB - 1621sf
no photo407 Hunt Club Rd
Steeplechase Sec 2, Nashville
5BR/5BA/2HB - 3827sf
no photo617 Pendlebury Park Pl
Fieldstone Farms Sec Q-5, Franklin
4BR/4BA/1HB - 4165sf
no photo612 Eastcastle Ct
Stonebridge Park Sec 4, Franklin
5BR/3BA/1HB - 4154sf
no photo801 Edwards Drive
Rebel Meadows, Franklin
4BR/4BA/0HB - 2840sf
no photo2070 Hunterwood Dr
Hunterwood Sec 3-A, Brentwood
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3710sf
no photo1004 Dickinson Ln
Montpier Farms Sec 5, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 2652sf
no photo156 Timberline Dr
Timberline Sec 4, Franklin
5BR/4BA/2HB - 4382sf
no photo118 Century Oak Dr
Highgate Sec 2, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3913sf
no photo2327 Harts Landmark Dr
Foxen Canyon, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3683sf
no photo108 Gardengate Dr
Gardens At Old Natchez The, Franklin
4BR/3BA/2HB - 4513sf
no photo480 Sandcastle Rd
Temple Hills The Links, Franklin
6BR/4BA/1HB - 6031sf
no photo1017 Cobbler Ct
Horseshoe Bend Ph 3-A, Nashville
5BR/4BA/0HB - 4600sf
no photo1107 Murray Creek Ln
Montpier Farms Sec 4, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 5013sf
no photo272 Gillette Dr
River Landing Sec 10, Franklin
5BR/5BA/2HB - 5774sf
no photo2320 Harts Landmark Dr
Foxen Canyon Sec1, Franklin
4BR/4BA/1HB - 4066sf
no photo3715 Ravens Trace Ln
Ravenstrace, Franklin
5BR/4BA/1HB - 4000sf
no photo208 Gen J B Hood Dr
Battlewood, Franklin
5BR/4BA/0HB - 4248sf
no photo813 Hillsboro Rd
Franklin, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4260sf
no photo116 Century Oak Dr
Highgate Sec 2, Franklin
5BR/3BA/1HB - 5669sf
no photo295 Gillette Dr
River Landing Sec 11, Franklin
5BR/5BA/2HB - 5273sf
no photo428 Sandcastle Rd
Temple Hills The Links, Franklin
5BR/6BA/1HB - 7029sf
no photo242 Myles Manor Ct
Myles Manor, Franklin
5BR/4BA/1HB - 4854sf
no photo1008 Fair St
Hincheyville, Franklin
2BR/2BA/1HB - 2581sf
no photo459 Franklin Rd
NA, Franklin
4BR/4BA/1HB - 5312sf
no photo897 Cherry Grove Road
Cherry Valley, Franklin
5BR/4BA/2HB - 6020sf
no photo108 Alpine Ct
Echo Park, Franklin
5BR/4BA/1HB - 5642sf
no photo360 Vaughn Rd
11 acres, Nashville
2BR/2BA/0HB - 2294sf
no photo701 Legends Crest Dr
Legends Ridge, Franklin
5BR/6BA/1HB - 6628sf
no photo640 Legends Crest Dr E
Legends Ridge, Franklin
6BR/4BA/1HB - 6480sf
no photo6484 Temple Rd
Temple Rd & Old NatchezTr, Franklin
4BR/4BA/0HB - 4165sf
no photo1537 Amesbury Ln
Preserve @ Echo Estates Sec2, Franklin
5BR/6BA/1HB - 6811sf
no photo1014 Buena Vista Dr
Hillsboro Cove, Franklin
5BR/5BA/1HB - 6978sf
no photo3111 Carl Rd
McCullough, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4425sf
no photo159 Alpine Ct
Preserve @ Echo Estates Se, Franklin
5BR/5BA/1HB - 7617sf
no photo125 Alpine Ct
Echo Park, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 5444sf
no photo1065 Stockett Dr
Stockett Creek Sec 2, Franklin
5BR/4BA/3HB - 6429sf
no photo1637 Whispering Hills Dr
Laurelbrooke Sec 12-B, Franklin
5BR/5BA/2HB - 9512sf
no photo2455 Hidden River Ln
Hidden River, Franklin
5BR/5BA/2HB - 6797sf
no photo1808 Franklin Hills Ln
Hillsboro Manor, Franklin
5BR/5BA/4HB - 7927sf
no photo1463 Sneed Rd W
Williamson County, Franklin
4BR/4BA/2HB - 5560sf
no photo2536 Old Natchez Trce
Phipps John S Tr, Franklin
5BR/4BA/1HB - 6139sf
no photo3033 Del Rio Pike
Farm, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 6769sf
no photo1636 Whispering Hills Dr
Laurelbrooke, Franklin
7BR/9BA/3HB - 11809sf
no photo5222 Still House Hollow Rd
NA, Franklin
4BR/4BA/1HB - 5267sf
no photo1860 Old Natchez Trace
Southern Trace, Franklin
5BR/6BA/2HB - 8271sf
no photo1577 Moran Rd
Bella Vista, Franklin
5BR/6BA/4HB - 10862sf
no photo2423 Hidden River Lane
Hidden River, Franklin
6BR/8BA/5HB - 22743sf
no photo1711 Old Hillsboro Rd
Franklin, Franklin
5BR/4BA/2HB - 8517sf
no photo5845 Old 96
N/A, Franklin
5BR/7BA/2HB - 10626sf
no photo824 Brandyleigh Ct
Fieldstone Farms Sec K-2, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1374sf
$489,999 - COMING SOON!
no photo516 Dunwoody Ct
Dunwoody Commons Sec 1, Franklin
6BR/7BA/1HB - 5819sf
$2,999,999 - COMING SOON!
no photo106 Treemont Ln
Treemont, Franklin
6BR/6BA/2HB - 10313sf
$5,499,900 - COMING SOON!
no photo823 Brentwood Pt
Brentwood Pointe Sec 2, Brentwood
3BR/2BA/1HB - 1495sf
$385,000 - Under Contract
no photo1030 Walesworth Dr
Fieldstone Farms Sec K-1, Franklin
2BR/2BA/0HB - 1136sf
$444,000 - Under Contract
Sale of Home Contingency
no photo616 Alexander Dr
Downtown Franklin, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 1361sf
$609,615 - Under Contract
no photo400 Eastover Ct
Rogersshire Sec 3, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2815sf
$749,500 - Under Contract
no photo2400 McIntyre Ct
Sneed Forest Sec 1, Franklin
3BR/2BA/0HB - 2314sf
$750,000 - Under Contract
no photo1097 Pine Creek Drive
Pine Creek, Arrington
32BR/3BA/1HB - 3247sf
$848,990 - Under Contract
no photo373 Sims Ln
Fieldstone Farms Sec B, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 3011sf
$849,000 - Under Contract
no photo5188 Waddell Hollow Rd
N/A, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 4432sf
$1,395,000 - Under Contract
no photo600 Tonbridge Cir
Stonebridge Park Sec 5, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3827sf
$1,399,900 - Under Contract
no photo1221 Temple Crest Dr
Temple Hills The Links, Franklin
5BR/4BA/1HB - 5147sf
$1,650,000 - Under Contract
no photo5004 Bentgrass Ct
Reserve at Temple Hills, Franklin
5BR/4BA/2HB - 5075sf
$2,200,000 - Under Contract
no photo21 Holland Park Ln
Windsor Park Ph 1 @ Ff, Franklin
2BR/2BA/0HB - 1463sf
$495,000 - Under Contract
no photo5525 Barking Dog Ln
None, Franklin
2BR/1BA/0HB - 2240sf
$674,900 - Under Contract
Sale of Home Contingency
no photo312 Fairbourne Grn
Temple Hills Sec 11, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2500sf
$725,000 - Under Contract
no photo113 Bobby Dr
Grassland Est Sec 1, Franklin
3BR/3BA/0HB - 2814sf
$749,900 - Under Contract
no photo103 Collinwood Close
Temple Hills Sec 8, Franklin
4BR/2BA/1HB - 2402sf
$759,990 - Under Contract
Sale of Home Contingency
no photo5182 Waddell Hollow Rd
Leipers Fork/Franklin, Franklin
3BR/2BA/2HB - 3241sf
$799,000 - Under Contract
no photo1120 Bradley Dr
Battlewood Forest Sec 1, Franklin
3BR/4BA/1HB - 5915sf
$799,900 - Under Contract
no photo128 Cottonwood Cir
Cottonwood Estate, Franklin
3BR/2BA/1HB - 3000sf
$849,999 - Under Contract
no photo122 Cottonwood Cir
Cottonwood Est, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 2846sf
$850,000 - Under Contract
no photo5006 Viola Lane
Rizer Point, Franklin
4BR/3BA/0HB - 2693sf
$863,500 - Under Contract
no photo124 Saint Andrews Dr
Temple Hills Sec 1, Franklin
5BR/2BA/1HB - 3408sf
$899,999 - Under Contract
no photo720 Tern Ct
Horseshoe Bend Ph 3-A, Nashville
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3378sf
$1,150,000 - Under Contract
no photo2829 Polo Club Rd
Horseshoe Bend Ph 1, Nashville
3BR/2BA/1HB - 3052sf
$1,165,000 - Under Contract
no photo828 High Point Ridge Rd
Forest Home Farms Sec 7, Franklin
4BR/3BA/1HB - 3888sf
$1,340,000 - Under Contract
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